The Speed Queen

I’m in Paris. Première Vision starts tomorrow. I love this show. I love it so much I can’t even write about how this show makes me feel. I will ask David to write this part because we have been coming to the show together for the past 10 years and he knows how I feel about it, and is the better writer.

David said no. He said it’s my story and that’s not how this works. Then asked if I was gonna write about the Speed Queen.

The first time I went to the Speed Queen was last summer, with my daughters Anisa and Celina.  With three bags of laundry, we walked along the tiny streets of Le Marais, past the Richard-Lenoir metro station and the St. Ambrose church. We took a right at Rue Moufle and a left at Rue du Chemin Vert and there it was, the Speed Queen, across from a plant shop/hair salon called What the Flower.

We were expecting to find a regular laundromat, and I was wondering if we brought enough change. But the Speed Queen was much cooler than that. It was actually a well-designed space, minimalist with a red and black color scheme, a retro font, and a clean, futuristic wall of machines. We didn’t need change – or detergent for that matter. We just loaded up our laundry,  selected our cycles and paid with Apple Pay. So simple. I took pictures to show David, but either my pictures didn’t do it justice, or he couldn’t get past the fact that they were photos of a laundromat and didn’t give it a good look

This time around, David came with me to the Speed Queen. I thought he might want to find a café while we waited for our laundry to be done. When I there with the girls, they wanted to check out the church while waiting. Instead David just sat on a bright red bucket seat and watched the laundry spin. Our laundry got so clean, so fast.