The Fabricist

To this day my mom doesn’t really know what I do for a living. It’s been 30 years since I chose a career in fabric research and development and she’s still not sure what that means.

Celina has called me a Fabricist.  Fab-ruh-kist. At 14 years old she was my first assistant after I started my consulting business. We spent a summer organizing fabric samples for a presentation. She emailed Italian mills on my behalf, starting each message with Hi Filippo, hi Ricardo, or hi Tommaso, and asked for prices and sample meters. Years later she finally met one of the Filippos in Milan, and was surprised by his height. I have no idea what she pictured he looked like when she was 14.

Fabric is my livelihood. I research fabric – see it, touch it, learn about it, curate for collections, customize and order it, then ship it to apparel manufacturers where it’s made into beautiful clothing. And that’s about it.