Getting to the Show

Premiere Vision, Paris starts today, Tuesday, February 7th. But a protest was scheduled for today, the first day of the show. I somehow got an Uber to take me all the way from Le Marais to Parc des Expositions, typically a 45 min drive with no traffic. Because of the strike, it took us 45 minutes to get out of the city and another 30 to get to Parc des Expositions. When we got off the exit, I saw a sign on the right lane that that said “Visiteurs” and mentioned to the driver that I need go that way. The Uber driver insisted on following the app, ignored me and drove all the way around the exhibition center, a good 10-15 minutes out of the way, only to end up at the entrance for Exhibiteurs.

He wanted me to get out. I was nowhere near the main entrance and refused. He opened my door, but I refused to get out of he car. I sat there and said that we need to go to the part of the Exhibition Center where there are actual people. He opened the door on the my other side. I still refused to get out. I just sat there and argued until finally, he gave in and drove me around. I arrived at the show, frustrated, and late for my first appointment. I rated and tipped him well, though, because it was a rough ride for him,too.

Next time I Uber to the show, I will set the destination to the Parc des Expositions metro station.