Fabric Words for Fabric Nerds

The randomly placed, thick, knotted slubs in these tweed fabrics look and feel like buttons, giving it this name. Bottonato was used in mid-century home furnishings in the but more recently has been used for tweed jackets and suits. This particular bottonato fabric was produced with nodino, yarns with irregularly spaced clusters of fibers created by a special spinning process.

Giro Inglese

I had seen this fabric before but didn’t know it by that name. The Italian mill rep pronounced it as what sounded like one word, zheroinglayze.

What is Giro Inglese? It’s an open weave fabric that looks similar to a knitted pique, but is actually woven. It is typically used for men’s shirtings and light weight jackets.


In the same family of knit-like woven fabrics, this mill presented new, textured versions of Giro Inglese. They combined open and compact weaves to create the open look of a knit or crochet, but it has the stability of a woven fabric.