Fabric Calendar Tool

Every year, every season we re-create the fabric calendar. We use Excel, project management tools, and GANTT charts (the worst kind) to communicate deadlines for concept, fabric, sketches, samples, etc. Every department has their deadlines cluttered on top of each other’s and it can be difficult to find just the fabric due dates.

Deadlines vary from year to year because of market opening dates, international holidays, our holidays and other conflicting events. But in general, the fabric leadtimes between tasks do not drastically change from season to season. So, in addition to (not in place of) the corporate calendar, I created a calendar tool that helps me quickly see if the fabrics are pretty much on time or are running late.

In PowerPoint, I selected Insert – Smart Art – Cycle, chose a layout, and added 24 bullet points, 2 for each month. I made a couple of these circles, printed and laminated them at Staples, cut around the circles and layered them on top of each other, mounted them on a foam board and pinned it in the center. I can spin each circle whichever way makes sense, either based on upcoming dates or future seasons.

For this purpose, the literal cut-and-paste tool works better than an app. Actually, it’s cut-and-pin.