Fabric and Driving

I don’t drive. In fact I’m writing this from the back seat of an Uber, a red Kia Soul. I tell people it’s because I’m a New Yorker, and that’s usually enough of an explanation, but that’s not the real reason. In fact I’m not even from NYC, but from Long Island, where driving is just as much a necessity as it is in the rest of the world. The truth is I don’t have enough of an attention span to responsibly operate a vehicle. I have shower thoughts all the time, and god forbid that happens on the 405 during rush hour.

I like to think that I drive, though, in a different sense of the word. Fabric drives the design process.

Design is a series of creative choices – it’s a collaborative effort, an evolutionary process. You choose your fabrics depending upon what you want to say, then you work with mills to get those fabrics. Through the process, you realize what you want it to be. 

-Marc Jacobs

Vogue Arabia, Faces of Fashion, August 11, 2013

As styles, colors and artwork unfold, fabrics are developed, sketches are drawn, patterns are created, and garment samples are made. And like high quality ingredients in a gourmet dish, good materials make good clothes.

When I compare myself with a painter, fabric is my paint, and when I compare myself with a cook, it’s my ingredients, so for me it’s very important.

-Dries Van Noten

New York Times, In The Studio Series, March 2, 2016

I might not be driving myself to work every day but by researching and developing fabrics, I help bring collections closer to life, give fashion designs a ride to reality. With fabric, clothing gets made, sold, bought, worn, and loved. That’s my shower thought for the day.