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  • The Crystal Ball

    The Crystal Ball

    This topic is not exactly click bait. In fact, I don’t think David will even read this whole post. It’s about a dysfunctional fashion calendar and fabric leadtimes.

  • Fabric Calendar Tool

    Fabric Calendar Tool

    Every year, every season we re-create the fabric calendar. We use Excel, project management tools, and GANTT charts (the worst kind) to communicate deadlines for concept, fabric, sketches, samples, etc. Every department has their deadlines cluttered on top of each other’s and it can be difficult to find just the fabric due dates. Deadlines vary…

  • Perfect Swatches

    Perfect Swatches

    On job descriptions for fabric interns and assistants, I always include “cut neat swatches.” Straight cut swatches are a great look for a fabric department. It makes us appear neat, organized, and professional, even on days when we are completely distracted and can only talk about tv shows and haircuts. The fabric team cuts hundreds…