A.I. vs The Fabric Director

Hey A.I., pick a fabric. Yep, that’s what I thought. You can’t do it. Even if you can identify a fabric type, content, weight, and price, you can’t know how a fabric feels based on data.

Handfeel is a key factor in selecting fabrics. But because handfeel is subjective, it can’t be quantified. A fabric that feels soft and nice to one person might feel mushy and gross to another. Even the terminology used to describe handfeel is far from universal. Hey A.I., define “mushy and gross.”

Drape is another factor in choosing fabrics. 3D technology can give you an idea of how a fabric drapes on the body, but it would still need to be validated by the eye of the designer. Analyze that, A.I.

ChatGPT, you won’t even try:

Basically, what you’re saying is to ask the fabric director.

You have the power to convince customers to buy certain clothes. But among other reasons, if the fabric doesn’t feel good the clothes will be returned. You will know why they were returned, because customers will check a reason box. But if the reason was because of the fabric, you will not be able to fix the problem. Because you can’t choose fabrics.

You could potentially win in the end, if you convince consumers that fashion is not important. You can reduce the importance of self expression in the form of what we choose to wear by aggressively marketing easy-to-analyze clothing to everyone on the planet, until ultimately we are all wearing the same outfit, like the people in Wall-E.

But good luck with that. Fashion’s not going anywhere. It is always evolving and always surprising, just like humans. And we will always love it. Quantify love, A.I.